December 20, 2007

The 'IF' tag...

Was going through a coupla random blogs and came across this wonderful tag...
i dunno why but was almost instantaneously tempted into taking it up...
probably because the 'if' wch is the main centre around which the tag revolves has always attracted the dreamer in me...
or maybe somewhere deep down,some unfulfilled desires lie silent sometimes at the cost of appearing dormant or even dead and are suddenly awaken by tags like these wch give them wings,evoke a pensive mood and set me flying in a world where imagination and possibilities have no limits as i cross the crimson horizon where reality ends and dreams begin, in the pursuit of happiness, however surreal it actually is...:)

Here I go...
If I were a beginning, I would be:- the beginning after the 'end'

If I were a month, I would be: -february (cos it ends faster)

If I were a day of the week, I would be :–saturday (cos its the start of a happy weekend)

If I were a time of day, I would be: -6.00 pm (cos thts the best part of the day isnt it ?? it college studs or working ppl, thts the time almost everyone gets free from the shackles of hard labour :D)

If I were a planet, I would be:-neptune (dunno why..err jus like the name)

If I were a season, I would be:-monsoon (sigh! who wudent?)

If I were a sea animal, I would be a :- sea horse (dont ask why? no particular reason :-/)

If I were a direction, I would be:-the most complicated one (i like it when people cant figure me out too easily :-/)

If I were a piece of furniture, I would be:-a study table (there's always a serious scholarly air about study tables)

If I were a sin, I would be:-the one wch caused the least hurt but the worst sentence--making the sinner repent for life.

If I were a liquid, I would be:-the tiny beads of perspiration on ur brow after a tiring but satisfied day at work or the ones which suddenly make a presence when you are caught fibbing or making excuses ..heehee

If I were a fraud/scare, I would be:-fear of lonliness :) (scares everyone dosent it?)

If I were a tree, I would be:-pine (brrrr! i wish to have the capacity to stand strong and tall even in the coldest of conditions :)...)

If I were a tool, I would be –a screwdriver (would like to fix some loose screws in a few heads i know )

If I were a material, I would be:- cotton (very comfortable)

If I were a flower/plant, I would be:- an orchid :)

If I were a kind of weather, I would be:-the calm before the storm

If I were a musical instrument, I would be:-the one nobody knows to play :D

If I were an animal, I would be:-a squirrel (cos i believe i have a thing for nuts..sigh!)

If I were an emotion, I would be:- nostalgia (now wasent tht obvious!)

If I were a vegetable, I would be:-a couch potato...err..i mean a potato :p

If I were a sound, I would be:-the tinkling sound of a light drizzle heard only by the sensitive ear and felt only by the romantic heart :)

If I were an element, I would be:-fire (can warm up as well as burn u)

If I were a monument, I would be:-a place of worship

If I were a song, I would be:- the kind which would bring both, a smile to the face and a tear to the eye everytime u hear it.

If I were a food, I would be:- somethin 'mom-made' :)

If I were a place, I would be:- home

If I were a taste, I would be:-the taste of hard earned success :)

If I were a scent, I would be:- the lingering scent of wet earth during monsoons...

If I were a religion, I would be:- humanity

If I were a gem, I would be a :- diamond (forgive me for being cliched..'tanishq' is paying me for promoting)

If I were a sentence, I would be:-duh! life imprisonment ;p

If I were a body part, I would be:- the spinal cord

If I were a facial expression, I would be:-a confused smile

If I were a subject in college, I would be:-'shanpattilogy' :D

If I were a shape, I would be:-something which changes from time to time :-/

If I were a quantity, I would be:-just about enough

If I were a colour, I would be:-sky blue

If I were a thing, I would be:- something very unique..sigh!

If I were an artist, I would be:-one whose mood reflects in her honest work

If I were a collection of poems, I would be:-poems by pri *grin* [would mention special thanks to the readers of 'nostalgic moments' in the acknowledgements if u promise to buy my]

If I were a watch, I would be.- one that has stopped at 'the perfect moment' :)

If I were a book, I would be:-‘The kite runner'--khaled housseini

If I were a landscape, I would be:-an isolated 'no mans' island

If I were God, I would be:- frustrated

If I were a vowel, I would be: 'A' (because everyone would learn to know me before anything else)

If I were a consonant, I would be: 'P' (all great names begin with it...*hint hint*)

If I were a formula, I would be:-one wch everyone would wreck their brain proving ;p

If I were a Science, I would be:- one very important and valued...

If I were a theory, I would be:- easy to understand but equally difficult to prove..

If I were a famous person, I would be.:- dr pri (ohh how i lurrrvvvee me :p)

If I were an electronic equipment, I would be:- a nokia cell phone (connecting people)

If I were sport, I would be:- chess (did i tell u i have a huge crush on vishwanathan anand..ahem!)

If I were a movie, I would be:- oscar award winner

If I were a cartoon, I would be:- garfield

If I were an explorer, I would be:- writing a travel blog instead...heeehee

If I were a scientist, I would be:- graham bell

If I were a relation, I would be:- a friend :)

If I were a river, I would be:- the thames

If I were intoxication, I would be:-passion

If I were alone, I would be:- very different from what i am now

If I were a question, then I would be:-why?

If I were a hobby, I would be:-blogging

If I were a habit, I would be:- a 'habit' to express myself as often and as clear as i would like to..

If I were in an atom, I would be:-creating marvellous life forms :p

If I were an end, I would be:- the end of a painful life

If I were you, I would be:- congratulating myself on having finished reading this tag..heehee

Ahh...job done and im happy :)
P.S: i tag whoever has the time and the patience to do this tag..:D


Blog Boy said...

ITs a big big tag...but nice one....
I will tak up some time

Anil P said...

If you haven't already, you must read the 'If' poem by Rudyard Kipling, a more stirring poem has been rarely written.

ceedy said...

if it were me - i would nominate you for the mad house award of the year for finishing this blog....
lambu race ka ghoda hai yeh if....

Preethi said...

I enjoyed staying in your mind for a while there. very unique tag. i liked a lot of answers and reasons for it
a few wud be....
'just about enuf'
'p' (mine too) he heeee

nice ;)

The Furobiker said...

oh my god.. i have slept 3 times trying to read this tag... but couldnt finish it .. :(

Pri said...

@ blogboy
thanks...and heyy looking fwd to read urs :)

@ anil p
will google and read it today itsself...thanks for visiting 'nostalgic moments' :)

@ ceedy
heehee thanku thanku...
they say 'there is a genius in ever mad' :p

@ preethi
hey thanks for coming over...glad u liked it...

@ abhishek
hmpf!! :(

Keshi said...

Nice tag and very nicely done too Pri!

**If I were a beginning, I would be:- the beginning after the 'end'

I love that one the BEST!

Hv a good one now MWAH!

WritingsForLife said...

nice.. i would do it :)

I loved this one:
"If I were a vegetable, I would be:-a couch potato...err..i mean a potato :p" ..hehe

Anonymous said...

v v smart :D

Anonymous said...

loved every bit of it

Sam said...

u really got loadsa free time!!! well done... :)

Pri said...

@ keshi
:) thanks..why dont u take it up sometime if u already havent tht is??
wud love to read u


@ raaji
heehee..well couldent think of a better answer to tht ;P
and yaa i pass it on to tht exams r done :D

@ alohomora
thanku thanku...thats me alrite! ;) *adjusts her collar*

@ secret admirer
thanks :)
u seem to be rather impressed by me mr secret admirer...ahem!
dont u think i should know who u are by!!

@ sam
yess sam...i do..jus about enough for everything :D

cm chap said...

Pri.. Thats an amazing tag... u hv done so well.

I guess ur a bit romantic person..thats wat ur tag reveals... (After all I'm also one thats y im able to spot it)

radiohead said...

now tht was something intelligent ..
lol .. u cud have said it in short tht ur a hard nut to crack .. lol

If I were to be something I would be an intelligently written blog .. *GRIN* hihi

Anonymous said...

the pics have come awesome

have emailed them to u

dada is blushing blushing in the pics ..wonder why?? ;-p

Namrata said...

nice tag.. and also the answers you gave.. i liked them..

you seem to be a nice person :)

Anonymous said...

women dont they just talk a lot :D :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

women dont they just talk a lot :D :D :D :D

Pri said...

@ cm-chap
thanks :)...
but me?? romantic?...
wonder what u found romantic about the tag :D

@ anuj
heehee anuj..u r right..but u know how much i like to was tempted to take up the tag...:p
heyy now thts a nice one :)...mebe u should take up this tag too

@ aarti
lol!! me's wondering too ;)...
got the pics btw...
and heyy rnt u supposed to comment on my post too? :-/ heehee
watched 'TZP' today..pre-interval was dragged too much...but amazing! :)

@ cinderella
heyy thanks and its great to have u come visit...
me seems to be a nice person??...hmmm i like to think so too!! ;P


@ :d
huh??? women dont..wht??
care to explain tht absurd statement of urs mister ..hmpf!(im assuming u r a guy after reading ur highly esteemed but confusing opinion)

Anonymous said...

ohho u also are wondering too is it? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mala vatla mahit asnaar tula.heehee..aata tar mr seattlelach vicharla pahije nahi? ;0)

u liked TZP?i will go today.
i am getting so bored is calling up mr seattle every now and then.missing her laadla beta it seems.grrrrrr!
heehee nice post u wrote ;0)

when are u coming to mumbai again?
missing u

Anonymous said...

if u did, it would not be a secret anymore.


Sam said...

u knw wt pri.. i think i'd agree wid the fella who commented on women gng yap yap yap!! :P

Sweetstickychewy said...

Interesting tag.

Feb indeeds is a great month eh..ends faster..:D

***If I were a musical instrument, I would be:-the one nobody knows to play :D

Awww..I think the musical instrument would feel sad. Cause its meant to be played.

Interesting stuff.

Pri said...

@ aarti
lol!! :)
have e-mailed u...chk kar

@ secret admirer
well i dint know it was supposed to be one forever...:)
anyhow thats cool with me
take care!

@ sam
no comments on tht sam...:-/
but dont u think u martians would be the first to complain if we stopped talking...then we'd be labelled either dumb or pricey eh?...hmpf! guys! *rolls her eyes*

@ sweetstickychewy
well as for the 'feb' thing...wasent really in the best of moods while typing tht one out :D
and yaa the musical instrument...err tht wud be me rite? so it would be diff , unique and would take pride in the fact that nobody really knows to play it...heehee...a musical intrument with a attitude :p

Anonymous said...

Its a nice one but i think it is kinda too long..himmat hai tumhari:P

Anonymous said...

can i do it? nice tag!!!!!! when can we talk?

Sam said...

no one asked u ppl to stop talking.. may be a lil less u knw!! :)

Pri said...

@ illusion
well yaa..its long but uinlike most tags this one kinda makes sense...the one who created it must have surely been a girl ;)

@ kaylee
hey sure dear..u can take it up anytime u want..its all urs..wud love to read :)
yeah its been quite a while since we've caught up...
will be around tomorrow morning...
seeya around :)

@ sam
heelllooo...overtalking amcha janmsidhh hakk aahe aani amhi toh ghenarach :-/
btw why r u sounding soo tormented? :D
someone is leaving u speechless with her constant talking eh? :p

radiohead said...

I wud love to take d tag .. bt u knw .. m dead sure d answers wudnt evn b close to better thn urs .. u knw ..

I was wondering thn .. nd m wondering now .. how did u think of all of it really .. lol ..

r u one of those gals who are really from venus .. lol .. hehehe ..

no bt seriously .. d ans are so nice .. thts its hard to comeup wid better ones ..

Pri said...

@ anuj
thanks anuj,for tht 'outta the world' compliment ;)
and heyy but its about time a martian took it up...whtsay? :D

Solitaire said...

Very nice blog!
Why do you want to end soon (referring to February)?

Anonymous said...

Oye doc, tussi yeh post kar ditta and i dint even come to know....So sorry for not droppin bi

Interesting choices doc.....I would give a shot at this.........

The funny side of you always keeps coming , keep it coming doc!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thsi is simply awesome......who so ever said "Brevity is the soul of wit" ... needs to read this tag :P