December 12, 2007

THOSE TIMES---straight from 2004 ...:)

Was going through some stuff in my saved documents and came across this piece i had penned (err typed) down years back in 2004...those med school days...those fun times with friends...ahh got me romancing with nostalgia again :)...
Well i noticed my style of writing has definitely changed...and tht got me smiling...
but then again,one thing ive noticed and am grateful hasent changed over time is the friendship i share with these ppl who still hold a very important place in my life...(well almost all *smiles*)...
A lot many more have been added along the way--maybe il'l write about them in some other post...:)
Coming back to these guys,even though we dont get to meet up as often as we usually did, and even though work and life has managed to get some of us hooked up in diff parts of the world, yet we never miss out on a chance to catch up...and yess those good ol days never manage to leave us alone when we do...sigh!!
This read brought all those ol times back and it was fun reading it...
I think il'l mail this to them ...afterall nostalgia is much sweeter when shared isnt it?? :)

--------------------------------------MARCH 2O04:8.30PM

FRIEND-------First one to Respond In Every Need and i decided 2 dedicate this post 2 them...though they deserve a lot more than tht..but neways here goes..:)
In life we all come across many ppl ...sum of whom we keep for ourselves as friends..:)Friends r those relatives we couldent choose but wished we could..n friendship is all bout havin fun ,sharin ur joys n yeah ur sorrows too..,havin the same frens n could i forget..the same enemies...
I love makin friends...n keepin them...n i believe friendship is something forever...
Well lemme say sumthin bout my friends now...they r a weird bunch..but its a crazy world anyways...
(pls note the names here are changed to umm mainly save my skin...:P)

1.MUSKAN----we call her "plumpy"...very jolly, funloving, lighthearted ..( i wish i could say the same bout her weight)..Her main aim in life is 2 lose weight...she speaks bout it, she cribs bout it, she dreams bout it, she cries bout it, she sighs bout it... but dosent DO nethin bout it...Plans remain plans whn it comes 2 diet control...I guess thts wht makes our friendship click.."THE WEIGHT FACTOR"..we sure hav this in comman..:(
2. MISS INDIA-----We call her tht..well "dilo ki rani ", "miss haseena" r her other names...guys swoon over her..not only a pretty face but very friendly n smart 2...MAIN AIM IN LIFE----to maintain her image..n yaa...her figure too....:)
3. SHAKEEL -----"the eternal casanova"...tht describes him all...."play boy","mr flirt" him wht u want...but he wont change..
He breaks his own record of makin girlfriends n then dumpin them...i don know how they still fall for him inspite of knowin him... well i guess its the "SHAKEEL CHARISMA"..;p...MAIN AIM IN LIFE--------to discover his "true lady love"..the search is endless...but he is enjoying every minute of the journey...:)..otherwise very goodnatured, cool, smart, dosent mess with ppl who dont want to mess with him...and when it comes to friends, he is one of the best..:)
...well hope he gets his miss right soon..
4.MANISH------we call him "MOOSA" after the film "PLAN"..we often tease him with plumpy...(the weight factor is common between them 2)...but we all know...tht plumpy has lost her Sweet little heart 2 Sumone Special...though she keeps denying it...(another thing in common between me n her..."THE DENIAL FACTOR")...HAHA...oops sorry 4 goin offtrack...comin 2 moosa..he is a nice person...good at heart...sumtimes acts kinda girlish though...maybe thts bcos of his increasing friendship with those silly junior chicks...moosa bhai...lage raho...;P
5.DEBBIE-----witty, humorous,always laughin...she has more guys as friends than girls...but absolutely "no hanky panky"...she keeps wishin she was a guy...wonder if she wud go in2 a gay relationship thn...haha...
but frankly speakin she is the heart of the gang...always thr 2 laugh at my PJs...",wht wud i hav done without u?"...
6. RACHU----goin steady with 1 of our profs..(actually junior resi)...wht more can i say rachu"...;P..all the best...
the weddin bells r gonna ring as soon as we join internship....they r a cute couple n mad bout each other 2...remain tht way..:)
7.TIPI-----whn we hear her name...all wht flashes b4 our eyes is with a laugh like tht ..she could scare kingkong away...whoever taught u 2 laugh like tht tipi..?? neways u rnt gonna marry kingkong r its okay i guess...;P
8. RAHUL-----nothin like the "rahuls" played by SRK...they r a complete contrast...our rahul is the total "geek"..always in2 books , always readin, no jokes , no girls no life...only exams ,exams, exams...we all feel he needs 2 get a life sumtime...but thn nobody wants 2 exchange lives with him...EXCEPT durin exams...ill exchange personalities with him ne exam day...duh! r brains a part of personality...i hope so...otherwise...I WANT MY WORDS BK...;p
9. MR LIAR-----WE CALL HIM THT COS THTS WHT HE IS BEST AT ----spinning yarns.
small or big, white or black...u name it...there isnt a yarn he hasent spun..n wow ! is he fast at it...even the strictest of proffs juss melt away after hearin him n gals, thts wht he learnt this art 4 i guess...good we know him 2 well 2 beleive him!
10.NEHA---she n mr liar wud hav been a great pair...she is juss like his female counterpart...the only diff being she dosent use her "fibbing abilities" with profs n gals...SHE USES THEM WITH US...
U shud see her b4 ne exam..we all know she slogs her ass out...but neha dear comes with the greeting line "I slept the whole night yaar...i dint study nethin..i don know wht 2 do.."
n not 2 nebodys surprise she stands among the toppers whn the results r out...MAN! she should get a phd at lying...
but aint she dumb....she uses the same greetin line all the time..n 2 top it all tht fake yawn..whn all of us know tht she is as fresh as a flower even after a whole nights studin n tht she dosent sleep a wink durin exams...haha

WELL ,this is bout my friends...ive got many more...Net friends, blog friends,family friends,whtever they may be like..
frenz r frenz..n we shud b grateful for havin them....n afterall


MUSIC ON MY MIND:(our fav song now and even back then) :)


The Furobiker said...

the best thing god ever created :)
i also miss my college days so much at times .. :(
thoe were real fun..
by the way .. nice name .. plumpy :D

Keshi said...

This is great nostalgic post...a truly awesome ode to ur college friends. How sweet of ya Pri!

I miss em too...I still keep in touch with few of em...every now n then. But they r all so far away from me...


Sam said...

hey this is really a nostalgic one!! hmm reminds of one song:
"dosti hai zindagi.. zindagi hai dosti.. bhulenge na hum kabhi... chahe maut bhi ho kareeb..."
more on friendship later!! :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi Doc,
That was a TOTAL RECALL..arrange for a get together it may prove out to be bigger fun

Unknown said...

Wow.. that's quite a fine abbreviation of FRIEND.

A trip down memory lane :)

Pri said...

@ abhishek khanna
heehee thanks..will pass on tht to her :D
heyy and join the 'nostalgia' club...
me thinks someone headed straight for 'maggi' after reading this post today isnt it?? ;P

@ keshi
yaa but then again distances make the heart grow fonder isnt it keshi? :)
or so we would like to console ourselves...:(
but as long as the friendship is in our heart, nothing can come between friends...whtsay?


@ sam
i havent heard tht song :(
send me the link if u can...wud love to hear it...

@ compassion unlimited
well we do meet up every chance we get..the rest of the time , its the story of long emails and still longer telephone calls and then equally huge phone bills at the end of the month ...heehee
but its worth it...we couldent possibly live without tht...:)
its true we are miles apart but nothing can seperate old friends isnt it?

@ j
well yaa...i keep going on such trips...:p
ever wondered why the blog is called 'nostalgic moments' ?? :D

Unknown said...

I just noticed the blog title now.

So what's up doc!! :P

Keshi said...

so true Pri!


Amit Charles said...

Ha ha ha ha
Made my day.
One of you best posts.

Keep it rollin;)

Pri said...

@ j
really?? my blog often has tht effect on ppl...:p
a big fan of 'warner brothers' too?? *eats a carrot bugs bunny style* :D

@ keshi
hugzzz :)

@ scribbler
thanks scribs...its easy to churn out writes like tht when uve got friends like those :)

Sam said...

uh!! now dats a prob.. it is a song by my school seniors... lemme see if i can do something abt it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc, this is superb!!! wud come back later for detailed comment!!!!

Vinesh said...

It was so nice to read the little descriptions you wrote for your friends! Enjoyed reading... :-)

Pri said...

@ sam
ohh okk wonder i havent heard of it...try sending it to me if u have the link and ofcourse the permission of your seniors :p

@ ashu
thanks ashu :)
detailed comment...hmmm...waiting in anticipation :p

@ vinesh
thanks buddy..though many told me it was more like the 'tehelka files exposed' mission...heehee