March 14, 2008

the A-Z tag!!

im supposed to be on a holiday and all im doing is getting worked up on those small things going wrong...sigh!
anyways i guess thats the usual story when im away from home..
hopefully things will be back to normal by the time i get back...sometimes i wonder whether these 'breaks' actually do more harm than good...

ok anyways, im too bored to go anywhere right now and too lazy to get out of bed...yeps u guessed right..ive been lazying around all morning :D
so keeping up to the lazy status and to keep up the act of trying to look busy actually doing something important err like say searching for a new job or stuff,let me take up this tag...heehee
ok i noticed it being passed around on some blogs and couldent resist stealing it ;)
so here goes...(sigh! i know...i still have to do another tag...would u believe me if i told u i had written the whole damn things-- '10 things i like about guys' and it just dint get saved?serious!...but il'l write it once more when i feel a lil less frustrated ok?)
ok so read on and get ready to be tagged...muhahaha *evil laugh*

the rules are simple---
u just got to answer what every question demands...and its called the A-Z tag because i guess it covers up all the questions from A to Z..err..almost..
wonder who came up with such weird questions though..yeah yeah some of them are pretty stupid! :D

A-AVAILABLE??: err..well thats what my gtalk status says...what are u talking about??

B-BEST FRIEND: hmm..someone might be reading and would get offended if i happen to miss their name out..we got a bad memory..what to do? we are like that only! :(
btw did u know there was a book by that name "we are like that only"?? **DIGRESSION..ALERT ALERT!!**
oops ok ok sorry!

C-CAKE OR PIE?: ummm..cake and make that chocolate walnut dripping with gooey chocolate icing...WHAAT??im NOT sharing!so dont look at me like that :-/

D-DRINK OF CHOICE: tea in the morning,water with lunch/dinner,black coffee if im staying up at night...

E-ESSENTIAL THINGS USED EVERYDAY: err..clothes,deo,internet(heehee) and my brain(ofcourse!)

F-FAVOURITE COLOUR: blue (preferably sky-blue)

G-GUMMI BEARS OR WORMS?: both...they dont make a difference...

H-HOMETOWN: west coast-india!

I-INDULGENCE: books, music and interesting conversations (where usually im allowed to do most of the talking..heehee..kidding!)

J-JAN OR FEB?: february...if u know me enough, ul'l know why...

K-KIDS AND NAMES: umm il'l ask them to choose :p


M-MARRIAGE DATE:would u stop reading my blog if i told u i was already married??? :(
no right?
then why are u asking stupid questions??

N-NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: one(the evil di!) *thankgod for only one of her kinds*

O-ORANGES OR APPLES: crunchy apples

P-PHOBIAS: lost some along the way...gained some along the way :)

Q-QUOTE: 'i think...therefore i am!'

R-REASON TO SMILE: the people i love...

S-SEASON: monsoons (and i think staying indoors all the time during monsoons is a waste!!)

T-TAG 3 PEOPLE: solitaire, kook and cindrella

U-UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME:hmmm how much do u know me??


W-WORST HABIT:---> procrastination...
--->ultrapossesiveness when it comes to people i love most...
(difficult to decide which is worse)

X-XRAYS UVE HAD: xray chest (PA and LATERAL views), xray left ankle (LATERAL), xray abdomen (PA view)
as a medical student, i had this 'i-better-go-and-confirm' attitude (read 'OCD')everytime i sneezed or hurt myself and having the radiology dept (free! free!)just a hop, skip and jump from the hostel sure helped! heehee

Y-YOUR FAV FOOD: mom made :)

Z-ZODIAC: u believe in star signs??
heck! neways, GEMINI! *searches frantically for her copy of 'linda goodman'*



Junius said...

(sigh) i was putting togather end of my wits for the one line do it urself bunked!
u were not suppsed to post till monday....?

Unknown said...

The letter C is always so appetizing.

Blog Boy said...

gr8...I liked "Q".
and why Feb?
I can find 2 reasons.
1. Shortest month
2. valentine's day... :-)

IncorrigibleV said...

C makes me salivate...
*smiles* @ indulgence :)

Anonymous said...

i would be heartbroken and stop reading your blog if u were married :(

Pri said...

@ endevourme
sorry about that endevourme...sometimes things dont go as planned :)

@ j
u bet!...ummm..chocolate, cake,croquettes,candy..yum yum!!

@ blogboy
thanks blogboy...
ohh about feb, ur right there..both those included and some more :)

@ vands
i think il'l share 'C' with u for all those times uve been soo sweet :)

@ secret admirer
really? :(
but probably then atleast u would reveal ur true identity to me and stop sending in those strange anonymous mails??

Solitaire said...

Marriage date is sooooo funny!!!!!!!

Anyway, Neeku had tagged me with this and I confirmed it with her if I could make my own associations. She gave me the green signal.

But your is not bad either!!!

Lena said...

it was a good laugh!! :D
seems like your laziness could bring smiles on many many faces of your readers :)

Cinderella said...

Girl...awesome tag !!!
BTW, I just did it. Check it out. Though its not the traditional A-Z tag, the kind you've done. I've changed it to my own way.
Guess you'll like it none-the-less.

Pri said...

@ solitaire
thanks :)
but just loved the way u did it...started a whole new trend of doing tags..u know im very much tempted into taking it up again :p
(heehee ok ok dont groan!)

@ lena
im glad it could...atleast theres some good thing about it :D

@ cindrella
yeppers dear..did check it and found u were tagged by 'aneri' before me...
glad u did it the way u did it...rocking! :)

Princess said...

that was a kool tag..
nice read

lol @ xray pt..
west coast.. i miss it..

Anonymous said...

i did this sometime back.. and this is fun indeed/. teh A to Z tag blog

Anonymous said...

i did this sometime back.. and this is fun indeed/. teh A to Z tag blog

Pri said...

@ princess
thanks dear :)
and yaa have had quite an experience in the a doctor and as a patient too...sigh!

@ chriz to see u here...
i reember reading u a longg time back thru random bloghopping...
will hop over again soon :D

Anonymous said...

i am just a secret admirer.
if i tell u who i am, it wouldent be a secret anymore :)

kyamaloom said...

You're married? :O

Shit! I'm not coming to this place ever again. :P

Pri said...

@ secret admirer
okk...if u insist!

@ rohit
kyonnnnnn??? :( sob sob!!
chintu pintu ka blog toh padh loge na? heehee

Lukkydivs said...

u sharing the cake only with vands? and not me? and about all those time i have been sooooooo sweet :P

Pri said...

@ divs
ok ok..thats clearcut EBM' (emotional blackmail) now...
but just a nibble each both of you :-/

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

haye haye ye kya kar dita chori..mast...oh boy u too LINDA N CHOC CAKE.. :D dekha dekha..acha kaam kiya doc...:)))
left wid smiles..n pic reminds me of my chilhood :P
love ya lods muahhhsss

Ankur said...

E... oh.. u do use ur brains everyday... i thought human dont too often.. coz they have too much na.. :P

L... self obsessed, nahi na.. ;)

M... if someone then... for them wats the answer... :P

U... really!!!

G... good one!!! :D

Pri said...

@ mad orchid
heehee it reminded me of mine too...infact i do have a kiddo pic of mine just like this one...the same curly hair and playing with building blocks :D

glad it brought a smile to u...


@ ankur
haha! as for brains,i use the lil that i have ;)

L-selfobssesed? dint u know?? :o

M-mmm that depends on who that someone is :p

Ankur said...

brains.. u dont use lil u have, u use a lil of wat u have, so does everyone... :P

L... No, i was making it sure.. :P

M... oh really!!! but then u have to give specifications na!!! :P

ceedy said...


the historical data revelas an odd shaped vegetable - turnip....

and also a factbook saying that "i think thats y I suffer" :)

and archives of marraiges are found an institution non existent in 2050

Pri said...

@ ceedy
really?? :o
is it just 'marriage' thats non-existent in 2050 or also 'love' ??