March 30, 2008

an evening at the movies...

had gone to watch the stupidest and silliest movie ever made so far...a complete disaster in the name of comedy "123"...
i somehow got about sitting through the movie only because i dint want to be a spoilsport...though must say i tried several ways to amuse moi while trying to distract myself off the movie...
whatt?? seriously! i did...i tried counting the number of ppl in the movie hall just to know how many more idiots (other than me) go to movies starring 'esha deol' and 'tushar kapoor' and their likes (u get the drift dont u? do i need say anymore? :-/)without reading reviews...sigh!

anyhoo after counting the number of ppl in the hall i still had a lotta time to while i was busy observing ppl around me...leave aside the 4 i had come with since they were equally bored and sitting just because we had paid for that crap!
there was this fat guy in a stripped shirt (i guess everybody suffers under the delusion that they look slimmer in longitudinal stripes..sigh)who was busy laughing at the pl's cracked...and know what, u cant even call them pj's actually..because they dont qualify as 'jokes'...hmpf!!
ok so i was busy watching this guy and his reactions and i concluded that he was suffering from 'labile moods'...because he suddenly would go all serious (probably noticing that i was staring at him) and then suddenly laugh hysterically (probably when he thought i wasent staring) without once removing his eyes off the screen...
after concentrating on the 'labile emotions' show for about 5 mins, i got bored...
ok ok i know that its rude staring at ppl i changed my subject of observation...

there was a 5 year old kid who was busy pestering her mom to take her out...i would have gladly obliged actually...but wonder of wonders, the lady just gave her a tight slap and made her sit quietly for the rest of the movie with her...poor kid! :(
now howw boring and soo totally unfair is that,lady?? just because u dont have a sense of humour(and will buy any crap given to u),dosent mean ur 5 yr old shud be smacked for having one...
anyways i dont like to see bawling kids and so i shifted my gaze to the aunty in the front row...(yeah! so now u know how boring the movie was?)
now aunty was apparently having a great sense of humour and believed in 'on the spot venting' and hence was busy cribbing on the phone to her husband (i assumed)...
im sure he must be kissing his stars for not coming along :-/
if only she had spoken a lil more louder, i would be able to catch every word heehee...but the angry guy sitting next to her (by chance not choice)was very keen on hearing the dialogues in the movie and so kept hushing her down...sigh! probably her phone conversation wasent soo interesting afterall!

now i was bored again, and there were no more people to observe closely without me actually falling off my seat (in an attempt to lean and search for more cartoons in the audience)so i tried to concentrate on the movie for a while...
but tanisha's and upen patel's and sameera's and tushar's and esha's (err...almost everyone's)acting really lost me and i was back to square one...BORED!!

The only reasonable acting was by paresh rawal(who is a far better comedian otherwise) and (wonder of wonders!!) sunil shetty...(sigh! see how much they drop ur standards)

ohh there were a coupla funny lines here and there which just manage to make u smile--u know, one of those 'ok fine! see im smiling at ur joke' kinda smiles...but other than that, the film is a total waste and an insult to comedy :(

ohhh and what took the cake was the BIG JOKE OF THE no! not in the movie but in my life...sigh!
this happened during the intermission when my cuz got tired of me yawning and pulled a half sleepy pri to the snack bar hoping that it would wake her up...
urs truly was only too happy that she would get to drown her frustration in that tub of popcorn during the second half of that i happily trudged along...

now my cuz has this mean streak in her and suddenly i found myself all alone in the assuming that she had gone to get herself something, i headed towards the popcorn counter...(P.S:when i head towards a food counter, FOOD is all i can see! :D)
so i went there and calmly handed over the money to the guy behind the counter and asked for a tub of my usual 'cheese+tomato' popcorn...
and what i get in return is a broad grin...
ME: "huh? my popcorn?"
GBTC(guy behind the counter):"in a minute maam" (still grinning)
ME:*now wondering why he is still grinning* "err... tomato and cheese"
GBTC still grinning broadly...
suddenly a small impish guy emerges from below the counter..apparently he had bent down to pick up somthing...and i look dumbfounded wondering why they have two guys incharge...sigh!
GBTC: "one plain salted please"
IG: "yes sir..will that be all?
and hands the GBTC his tub...
GBTC: "ohh and one cheese and tomato mixed for the lady here"
and grins broadly at urs truly again....who is now wishing she would just DISSAPEAR!!

sheesh!!! why dont they give these guys uniforms :((

i went off hurridly forgetting all bout my cuz and got back to my seat...hoping i wouldent see that guy anywhere in the hall again...

ohh and the movie..dont ask ...was busy with the popcorn during the second half...and somehow i survived through it :-/


Ankur said...


kinda embarassing, i can understand!!! :D
*evil laugh*

but pri... koi na.. hota hai yaar.. there are many like u ;)

waise u know wat, i have made this mistake so many times, when i walk in an exclusive showroom, see a guy not-so-well dressed, i actually ask him to help me out... :P
and they get embarasses, but the best ones are in supermarkets... when u ask them, bhaiya, dettol kidhar hai :P


and yes, they shld wear uniforms or costumes i must say *grin*

and if i would have been at his place, on the other side of the counter, then i would have said, mam, unlucky u... we have run out of our stock for "Cheese+Tomato" Popcorns *Evil laugh*

but i believe u havent watched the movie in the second half not coz of the popcorn but u were hiding down there in ur couched seat... glued, so that he doesnt see u :P

and guess wat, he pay u a visits in ur hospital now :D

and btw... esha deol is such a sweetie pie *blushing*

Anonymous said...

ahh im sure that guy was very pleased with himself that u spoke to him popcorn ke bahane hi sahi ...hihihihi

i thought i saw someones closeup wala pic here and now its gone :(
bahot cute lag rahi thi.kyon nikal di pic???

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe.........totallly... thanks or tellin girl... no watchin 123..

seriously sweettttt!!!!!!!!!!


at last u have smething to write abt ;)))

Anonymous said...

purani waali pic kinni cute thi!!!!

yeh waali bhi achi hai ;)))

Lukkydivs said...

lolz pri, lucky u...50 rupees me itne saare movies jo dekhne ko mile...cheer up :P

radiohead said...

well .. I can just imagine how pathetic the movie would be, cause I have observed that even the bad ones seem a lil good and enjoyable in a cinema hall ..

tushar kapoor was good at academics, now I know that people know how to throw themselves over the axe, and continue doing so .. its gud for the guyz somhow ..atleast deol would have been somewhat hot ;)

god saved u ..

Pri said...

@ ankur
haha ..u guessed it right ankur...was busy looking out for that guy just to avoid bumping into him again :D
err...u like esha?? :-/
she acts soo artificial me thinks...

@ mystery guy
lol!! i dont think he was too pleased with me...
he was amused though to see me embarassed :(
thanks for the compliment...

@ veens
well sigh!atleast someones happy about it :(
thanku for the compliment...purani wali kab dekhi tumne??? it was hardly on for 5 minutes :D
tab kyon nahi kahaaaaa?? :(
neways yeh bhi acchi hain na...i was expecting more flattery from u though (hamesha ki tarah ;p)

@ divs
kyaaa??? 50 rupees?? no wayyysss...140 rs each ka chuna laga :(

@ anuj
well i did go for it anuj :(
ur the one who is saved rather as ive come as a warning messenger ;p...
now u know u shouldent even think about going for it :P

Junius said...

i didnt even know thers a movie named 123 haha :D
bahot paap kiye hain issiliyen... haha haha :D!!

Unknown said...

Lol.. I guess the movie wasn't that bad after all ;)

Chakoli said...


Yup seven I heard of the review...thats its just good for nothing movie:-)))

Finally u survived:-))

So hw was the popcorn...thats the only thing I cud ask....hope u remeber the taste;-))

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

LOL, interesting one...definitely more interesting than the movie itself :D

Blog Boy said...

yes Pri...123 is a big show down...
not worth a watch...
I enjoyed Popcorn and a good nap... :-)....

Nirmal said...

hey nice reading you...
so sometimes movies with ur bf wont put in this situation....u wud have had a cosy date with him..lols..
but wat u thgt whn u bought tickets 4 this movie....ha ha ha

Rakesh said...

you story is better than movie...try to write more..i think u should try ur luck in of movie "AEAM"(an evening at movie).I am your blog reader.

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Hahaha.. Serves u right for going to watch a movie spending 140 bucks without even reading the review!

Rajiv Masand said that he wont go to see the movie even if the producer gave him a blank chq to see it! I beleive its just sooo bad.

Pri said...

@ endevoume
u havent heard of it because u are never updated with the latest news!! :p

@ j
naah..the movie sucked bigtime...but thanks to the other bored people around, i could constantly keep myself entertained :D

@ chakoli
u said it! the popcorn was the only good thing about it :-/
wish i had read the review before going :(


Pri said...

@ gonecase
sigh! atleast someone's laughing...but believe me u wouldent be if u had to watch it :-/

@ blogboy
u went for it too???
i suddenly dont feel thaat dumb anymore :p

@ nirmal
well a lazy day...a bored mind and the want to laugh...sigh!
who knew it would get me in a worse state than i already was?? :-/

@ rakesh kumar
oyeee meri dukh bhari haalat tumhe story lagti hain?? :o

@ vrijilesh
*bangs her head against the wall*
how did this rajjev masand get to know without watching it?? :-/
smart guy!guess i should go by insticts next time!

Gunjan Aylawadi said...

its kinda embarassing but i hav to admit dat i saw it too n hated it !

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Well.. I guess Masand saw a few minutes of the movie! Poor chap.

Waise I now have a new post on that very issue!

Chakoli said...

samre hting happened with me when I went for marigold......

cud you beleive it??:DDD

Rambler said...

oh this reminds of a crappy movie I had seen long time back.."aap mujhe ache lagne lage"..I wanted to get out of the theater so badly..

Cinderella said...

Ya ha..that was hilarious man !!!!
But then like Ankur said, happens !!!
Good one there !

gP said...

//the lady just gave her a tight slap and made her sit quietly for the rest of the movie with her...poor kid! :(//

me too have seen this alot everwhere, why do they slap their kids...totaly not right!

wait da minute...u guys have tomato cheese popcorn! how and why? I cant even imagine the taste...but is it like tomato cheese nachos or something?

Movies...for all the smart ' there goes 3 hours of my life' rethorics, I hope the lame movie makers get to watch their movies looped to infinity without popcorn and bathroom breaks in hell. muhahaha.


Asmita said...

these movies are especially for couples you know! i watched so many vt hubby dear! didnt watch exactly tho just attended HeeHee
they promote young talent haa, u must hv felt that u can make better movie than this? thats promoting young talent haha :)

The Furobiker said...

sick movie really

maverick said...

GBTC: "ohh and one cheese and tomato mixed for the lady here"

ha ha ha...tht must ve been real fun :)

Pri said...

@ gunj
sigh!! serves us right for not reading 'reviews' :(

@ vrijilesh
u mean he WALKED OUT???
i think i would have done that had i gone alone...
u wrote a post?? u mean u watched it too?? heehe
or r u the 'learning from other ppl's mistakes' kinda guy :D

@ chakoli
haha...cant believe u went for 'marigold'...cmonn it had sallu bhai with false accent et al ;p

Pri said...

@ rambler
believe me...'AMALG' is 10 times better than 123 :(
so thank ur stars u dint go for the latter instead...

@ cindrella
yaya i recording this for use the time u go for a 'tushar kapoor' starrer...just u wait girl! just u wait!! :-/
but u know what, atleast the audience was fun--this was the first time i was busy concentrating on the crowd rather than the movie :p
thankgod for small mercies! :D

@ ghostparticle
///me too have seen this alot everwhere, why do they slap their kids...totaly not right///
i agree but most parents including mine (during my brattish kiddo days) believe in 'spare the rod and spoil the child' philospophy :-/

///wait da minute...u guys have tomato cheese popcorn! how and why?///
yea...why?? duh!:-/
its this thing they started in multiplexes here...they got flavoured popcorn :D
and its not exactly tomato+cheese...though i ask them to mix the two with almost 60%cheese and 40% tomato..i like it ONLY that way...and in case there is no tomato or cheese or if the 'popcorn' guy looks too confused with my order (wch does happen at times :(..),then i dont go for it at all and settle for plain salted...i HATE 'caramel' popcorn btw...
err and why am i telling u all this??i dunno :-/
guess u shudent ever get me started on the 'food' topic :D

///I cant even imagine the taste...but is it like tomato cheese nachos or something///
well not exactly...uve got to try it out the next time u come to india...and heyy dont sue me if u dont like it...u can blame them on getting the percentages wrong ;)

Pri said...

@ ghost particle
/// hope the lame movie makers get to watch their movies looped to infinity without popcorn and bathroom breaks in hell. muhahaha.///
i hope too...muhahaha *shakes hands with GP*

@ asmita
OMG! waste 140 bucks for spending time with ur better half while a super crappy movie is reeling in the backgroud and ppl (like me) concentrating on the audience??? uhoh...u sure u'd want that??
im sure ul'l think twice before going again now...heehee

///u must hv felt that u can make better movie than this? thats promoting young talent haha :)///
ohh yeah sure and i must have said it aloud atleast 40 times...soo much for promoting 'young talent' :D

Pri said...

@ abhishek khanna
u saw it?? another one bit the dust!! :(

@ maverick
for whom???? :((

Anonymous said...

naa...yeh waali is good...lekin i dnt knw why .. i lovedddddd the poorani close-up one with the silllyy smile :))

i was here on the blog when it was on.. and i looked at the pic and smiled/.. and thought shoooocute...and what do i see when i go back...u changed it :-O

well....koi baat nahin !!


Pri said...

@ pri
aww..thanks soo much for the compliment...magar ab rehne do...warna ppl will wonder why im on a 'pic changing spree'!!

btw most of my pics have me smiling silly :(
somehow can never keep a straight face...

Vrijilesh Rai said...

No.. I havent gone thru the ignomony of enjoying the concerned movie as yet. I generally make it a point to read the reviews b4 heading to the theatres or even renting a movie.

Pri said...

@ vrijilesh
you are smart...really!! :(

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

After watching "Darling" in theatre, I make sure that I read review of every single movie before I even think about watching it :D

IncorrigibleV said...

only question was the guy behind the counter good lookin??
i mean he smiled and called u lady... obvious next question :P

Pri said...

@ gonecase
i had watched 'darling' too (eyuckkk)...i guess im among those some ppl who never learn :(

@ vandita
yep he was kinda cute...but i was too busy (searching for my fav flavour first and hiding my face later)to admire his good looks :p

Sam said...

i wonder how come u manage to get urself in such postions u knw!! :D

gP said...

but oh! its witout sugar izzit! btw im a big foodie.

Pri said...

@ sam
all i can say to that is its easy if ur me :(

@ ghostparticle
heyy then we sure have that in common :D
and yes all the flavours except for caramel are sugar-free...

gP said...

I think it will be a hit if they intro it here. All we have is lame popcorns. and the occasional dogs and nachos...which is so clumsy to eat inside the hall.

Sargam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pri said...

@ ghost particle
okk the traditional
but once it gets introduced, itll get stereotyped in a while too and then ul'l start cribbing like us once again :D

@ chinki
i dunno why u deleted ur comment :((
btw have already watched 'khuda ke liye' for IFFI and i loved it...amazing movie!! :)
cant believe u liked that 'paaapaaa' thing in 123 though ;p
still angry with u for deleting ur comment..sob!

kyamaloom said...

Arre actually that comment was posted by me. Woh some friend was online from my lappy and she forgot to sign out and I later realised i posted the comment from HER Id. :P
Chinky isnt her name though. lol

Anyways, glad that you liked Khuda Ke Liye.. :)
Aaj Shaurya dekhi, nothing worth than those 3-4 scenes of Kay Kay Menon with kickass knocking performance. :P

Anonymous said...

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