March 24, 2008

que sera sera!!

Rajeev loved eating out....
that day was special..he was at his fav chinese restaurant with her...everything was going perfect...he had decided to confess his nine yr old love to avani..the only girl he had ever loved...
he was filled with apprehension...a thousand things on his mind...'what if she said no? what if she said she dint expect this? what if on hearing this,she decided not to speak to him ever again??'
sometimes even when u are sure about something,there is still that gnawing feeling of insecurity...fear of the unknown...that 'what if'!!

But today he had to say it...he couldent wait any longer...

"i dont know how to put this...and maybe il'l end up making a fool of myself...because ive been trying to frame this for 9 years now and yet all ive come up with is that i love u avani and i always will"...he smiled nervously waiting for her to say something...he felt lighter having said it...but there was this huge boulder of apprehension and anxiety in place of it now...
" i was waiting to hear this,rajeev..ive always loved u" she said teary eyed..."i thought u would take forever"...

rajeev smiled as he heard these words...he felt like the happiest man in the world.his love was reciprocated..."why dint i say it before?" he thought with a tinge of regret...but even that feeling couldent wash away the happiness he was experiencing today...
he had always been the shy kind...but today , he had finally managed to gather the guts to propose to took 9 years and he thought that she had to know before he left for UK...
the next time they could meet would be only after his 4 year job contract ended...then they would get married...
"il'l miss you" she he slipped the ring in her finger...
"me too"...

the waiter got the fortune cookies at the end of the meal...a regular custom in their fav chinese restaurant...
somehow they looked different..a lot fancier than usual..but then today everything felt different..everything felt special...

"new guy employed esp for these" the manager explained cheerfully pointing at the plate which had two cute-looking cookies sitting on it...
smiling at the happy couple, he added "he seems to add a dash of creativity in whatever he does"...
rajeev grinned...he always found the concept of 'fortune cookies' amusing...

like always he handed avani his cookie...and smiled at her innocent kid in her as she enthusiastically broke hers in two...
"life will change forever" she read the tiny slip of paper in her cookie...and blushed...

"let me check yours" she said giggling...
out came the tiny slip from the crumbling cookie and her face lit up as she read it-----"a huge surprise is coming your way soon"

'naww..what bigger surprise than this' he thought and grinned to himself...*she loves you..she said she always did* the voice in his head kept saying...each time the happiness going doublefold...

they got up to leave...two beaming faces...dreaming about a life together...
"wish u werent leaving tomorrow" she said as they crossed the highway hand in hand...
"wish we dint have to stay apart even for a single second" he whispered back...
those were their last words...
bright flashlights suddenly blinded them as they stared shocked at the truck speeding towards them...
minutes later a huge noisy rush of people had swarmed around the pool of blood...but it was too late...
the drunk truck driver, aware of his mistake had already sped off without even turning back to see the lifeless couple...
ironically, rajeev and avani had gotten their wish was the happiest day of their life but unfortunately it was their last one together...atleast in this life...

"why do u always wear black??" asked the curious manager as the new kitchen-staff-addition continued baking a fresh batch of 'fortune cookies'...


Asmita said...

my goodness! that was a really heartfelt story!
u know even my baby took time to tell me Hee Hee...but that was because he was not certain it was infatuation or love :) it was good.

Anonymous said...

I knew sme thing wud happen but..

better than one staying alive of course.

Nicely written

Anonymous said...

u look beautiful in tht pic of yurs :)

Ankur said...

hehe.. u kiddin veens.. u call it a pic... :P

Ankur said...

and u certainly are very cruel.. very very cruel!!!

i m disappointed with the end!!!

Junius said...

i agree :D!! u know i cud barely identify pri in that!

Pri said...

@ asmita
heyy nice of you to drop by :)
keep visiting!!
btw i saw ur tag...was fun reading!

@ veens
uhoh..looks like my unpredictability is becoming rather predictable nowadays :-/
maybe the next one will have a nice diabetes inducing happy ending :D
ohh and thanks for the compliment sweets! *blush*

@ ankur
oyeee...kahani abhi khatam nahi hui...picture (read fotu) abhi baaki for ppl who dont know me,maybe the haziness will clear off gradually...thats the idea! *evil laugh* :p
ohh and just an outta-the-way u use specs?? :D (just curious!)

and helloo ...wheres the reaction to my story???hmpf!!
this is a comment section and u supposed to be commenting on my story :(

Pri said...

@ ankur
oopes...i think u read the story..good good!! :D
ohh and me cruel??...hmmm :(

@ endevourme
haha prasad...u should read my comment to ankur..guess it fits u more...atleast ankur read the story ;p

Ankur said...

u were so right :D

dekhte hain.. hum kaunsa aadhe show main se jaa rahe hain, hum bhi interval aur interval ke baad... sab time rukenge...

haziness will clear off, gradually, gyani baba, gyan mat do aur aankhon par pade hue parde hata do... bas aapko yahi karna hai :P
*evl luagh*
and outta-the-way answer... i have a pic
(read fotu) at my blog, u can check it, and i have a perfettt vision after wearing specs... :D *ROFL

oye... u know... i was so happy to read the story, but the last few lines, they were like... :( :(

Superbly written doc, but u need to give us some happy endings, life isnt tat grey or black, even khoye hue blog bhi wapas aa jaate hain, so u can bring them back, for us, like ekta kapoor kkkk :P

Plz plz plz.. next time i wont give u cruelties best upadhiya if u write a story with sad endings :(

abt the story, ur imagination is superb, the words u have choose to write are fantastic, overall a flop bollywood movie though but critically acclaimed (coz here we need a happy ending )


Cheer Up!!!
this is not our last conversation i beleive... coz u will write happy endings.. . ;) :D

Pri said...

@ ankur
haha..oyee ab veens ke saath haan mein haan milane ka kya faydaa...u already called me 'cruel' :((
neways jaane do...we are like that only :(
(that was EBM btw)
heehee thanks for appreciating my story...well err...kinda appreciating i think...
we are very happy that u called it a bollywood flop :p
cos we are tired of those extra sweet diabetes inducing kjo movies...time for a change we thought! :D
oye and by the way..that clearrr non hazy pic in ur profile is 'matrimonial vaaste' is it?? ;P
heehee...jus kidding ;p

Ankur said...


Ahem ahem..
maine woh teri pic ke liye nahi, uske uppar wale veens ke comment ke liye kaha tha... (EBM :P)
and rnt u cruel :P

guess i will be killed now :(

u r happy tat i called it a bolly flop, heheehe.. but atleast there must be some end which make me feel good, not depressin like urs... i m not gonna propose my girl now atleast in a restaurant and with fortune cookies :|

acha ji... agar woh pic dekhkar koi ladki shaadi ke liye haan kar degi toh phir uski kismat... :D
coz meri toh ban hji jayegi na, kyonki shakal main kya rakha hai... :D

par kuch log apne profile par even visible pic(fotu) bhi nahi lagatehain.. to hide identity... or to disguise i guess.. (EBM) :P

bhai 6*6 vision main toh nahi dikhti hai.. doorbin use karni padegi... :P

P.S. and since when u have started using we(read hum) :O

Ankur said...

aur haan.. woh pic toh maine kisi ka ghar barbad na ho.. isliye laga rakhi hai...


Sam said...

hey nice story!!! but then somehow i dunno.. the ending was a bit predictable themoment fortuen cookies came into the picture... you should have gone for something like time transposition!! that would have added an extra element of spice to ur story!!

Pri said...

@ ankur
about the pic,i was kidding da! :p
magar kisi ka ghar barbaad karne ke liye kyon?? ok ok u believe 'shaadi is equal to barbaadi' eh? :p
ok now coming to my story...please please dont do that...ur girl might start a 'pri hai hai' hartal in my name ;)
besides i dont want chinese restaurants to go out of business too :D
lol!! and as far as my pics are concerned, blogger dosent allow the original size of the pic to be placed in the side column., have to shrink them..and hence that disrupts the clarity...aur haan, im hoping jinko impress hona hain woh toh ho hi jayenge i the rest will have to make do with the 'doorbin' ..heehee

was fun reading ur comment...take care! :)
seeya around!!

@ sam
mmm sounds fun...maybe il'l give it a shot sometime ;)...yes would definitely mention u in the credits then :D

maverick said...

hmm....nice..more words will take away the essence of the story...

blog updated :)

Ankur said...

offo, thanks a lot yeh batane ke liye ki aap meri pic ko lekar majak kar rahin thi... yaar itna time laga mujhe yeh samajhne main... eh :P *ROFL

kisi ka ghar barbad karne ke liye isliye coz aisi shakal dekhkar toh sirf ek ladki hi haan keh sakti hai... *somone totally and mentally retarted* :P otherwise there is no chance for someone else :p

nahi boss.. ab un restaurants ko bachane ka ek hi chance hai... ki agli bar tum ek happy ending socho.. warna u write till the end wer u reach to the sad end
and then i will complete it... :P

haan bhai, jinko impress hona tha woh ho gaye... hum kaun.. i mean humme thodi na impress hona tha... ;)
so wat u can try is tat u put a display pic too.. which is a closeup...
i know u r poor technically so in case if u need some help... just ask for it ;) :D :P

it was fun tab itna ladi tum... :O
oh godddd!!!!!


Rambler said...

I was just thinking about the life of the "black" clad waiter..its very difficult to live with guilt, what if he really had the guilt of the black fortunes he had caused.

Anonymous said...

i am never going to go to any chinese restaurant which serves fortune cookies from now on..u scared me lady!:(

very nice song playing there and true also "aapse bhi khoobsurat aapke andaz hain" :)

for ankur:-
jinhone pri ko jaana hain unhein tasveer ki zaroorat nahi padti..uska muskurata hua haseen chehra hamesha ke liye dil mein utar jaata hain.....

Cinderella said...

The last line gives it a voodoo kinda effect,no ?
Did you intend that ??!!
Cool read girl !

Lena said...

amazingly written. And i so wished nobody would die but you killed the both!! Cruel Pri!
but i loved the story! :)

Keshi said...

I wish the men I met said anything at all!

Nice writeup girl.


Unknown said...

Wow.. the last line was amazing.

Hmmm, must be careful the next time I pick up a fortune cookie.

Ankur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blog Boy said...

Nice story..You sustain the hope of meeting them in the next life.
Nicely written...

Pri said...

@ maverick
thanks :)
will come around ur place soon...

@ ankur
arre ladi lahan?? :D
u mean to say u were serious :-/
ohh and as for the 'technologically challenged' bit, u seem to know me rather well...heehee
will let u know if i need any help on that...thanks :)

@ rambler
CONGRATS!! u r the first person who noticed that part...i was waiting for someone to react to the last line :D
though it wasent meant in a sympathetic was more of wanting to add an eerie touch ;)

@ anonymous
ohh really?? did i?
thanks for the compliment :)
but if u think u really know me that well,why arnt u going by ur true identity??
would definitely like to know who you are...just to see if i know u that well!!

@ cindrella
thanks cindy :)
and yeah u got it right..that was purely intentional...

@ lena
thanks dear...
and sorry bout the cruel end :(

@ keshi
lol keshi...u got me laughing with your comment even after writing the sad story :D
and i agree girl, wish martians were as romantic as our imagination ;p

@ j
thanks but please dont scare me now...i love eating chinese as well...and strangely more i find the fortune cookies most fascinating :(
maybe i shudent have written this afterall...itll make me think twice before opening up a fortune cookie myself :-/

Pri said...

@ blogboy
thanks blogboy...and yess there's always hope...till the 'end' and maybe even after that :)

cm chap said...

My goodness.. its a tragic end... I always like good endings.

gP said...

oh my god! i dont know to cry or smile sinisterly. but this is life, this is life.

you wrote well. now start firing everyone who wears black to work :p

khushi said...


but nice story....!

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Sigh. Lovely buildup. Though being a die hard romantic, i wish you hadn't killed them. But again, beauty of a post

Ankur said...


nahi ladi.. :O
and haan i was serious (EBM) *ROFL

and yes u r welcome... ;)


sounds like u r lucky enough, m not ;)

and still u remain anonymous... tats kinda funny!!! :p

Lukkydivs said...

grrr y did u kill them :x

Solitaire said...

SAD!!! Have you seen Cloverfield? Sounds something like that to me...the gist, at least.

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

But nevertheless,sath ji nei sake to kya atleast they both confessed n accepted their love...evn for few moments avani was rajeev's n rajeev had avani al to himself ...
no wonder i call u al rounder ;)

Pri said...

@ cm-chap
hmm...yaa i got that reaction from a lot of ppl :)

@ ghost particle
heehee...would have..not fired byt freaked everyone with this story though...heehee
but all i get to see is a lot of 'white' around ;p

@ khushi
thanks :)

@ roshan r
yaa...even im feeling bad now :(
will attempt giving my next story a 'lived together happily ever after' ending :D

@ ankur
ahaa..u use a lotta EBM i notice :p
not good! not good!

@ divya
ok should i write one in wch they dont die actually but survive while some evil imposters of theirs who has stolen their id cards and wallets etc etc actually come under that truck??
heehee i mean if not anyone else , 'ekta kapoor' would be very happy with me if i do that :p

@ solitaire
nopes i havent...frankly , hadent heard of it till now...what is it about??
this story was funnily inspired by a thought which came to me the prev night after a good chinese dinner...heehee...
and yaa my fortune cookie did read 'ur in for a big surprise today' :D
thanksgod! im alive ;)

@ mads
woww..thats what i call a 'positive attitude' stories need ppl like you to help me find and interpret the small lil beam of optimism in them..heehee
thanks flattered by that compliment and esp by what uve written about me in ur blog *blush*
take care! :)

Ankur said...

i dont want you to read between the lines, not at all...
consider my request :)


Keshi said...

lol Im glad Pri.

Cos some men I met were as quiet as a funeral when it came to COMMITTMENT talks.


Pri said...

@ ankur
lol!! ankur, who's reading between the lines??
ur line itsself is screaming out 'EBM'...scroll up and read!! :D

@ keshi
awww those morons are found everywhere ...
totally THEIR loss dear!!
too bad for them!whatsay? ;)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Pri dahling
Tu ab tak mujhe nei samjh payi kya :P m a kinda gal who sees postivity every bit of thng...even if i see smthng really terrible i console the ones affected or myslf to find soemthng positive attached to it..coz i believe every single thngs has to have a positivity in it even a bit...agreeable na???
N u deserves those complis tht y gave u re..
Take care n keep blushes goin still more to come :)
n u look grt in d pic ;)
Lodsa love n hugs n m alwys there to read ur stories ;) no matter wt

radiohead said...

hmm .. so you had to kill them .. everyone does .. why?


is it a true story?

radiohead said...


Hiiiiii !!

(waving from far, so as not to encounter the furious *where have you been* :D)

Usha said...

Why, why, why? aren't there no happy endings in life?

Zee said...

ooooooooooooo i loved the last line!!!

The Furobiker said...

Its nt my hobby but my job to analyze reading almost all your posts/stories frm past few months

1) in all your sad stories( i mean all of your stories) why is someone going out of india??

2)why is the confessions/breakups happening on the last daysbefore a person leaving for US/uk/china/sri lanka/watever?

4)why are airports and flights involved ?? do u live near airport and get to hear the blaring sound in ur dreams :O ??

3)y are all of them sad..

please tell me answers to these little queries.. :)

Pri said...

@ mad orchid
thanks dear...:)
for being around..for all those compliments...for the optimism wch keeps me going...for everything!

@ anuj
heyyy anujjj...where were u?? even the 'police' gave up this time...:D
ohh and this is purely fiction...god forbid this sorta thing happen to anyone :)
and yaa why do u keep going into hibernation mode everytime? :-/

@ usha
:( :(
everyone tells me there are...i dunno who to believe now :( :(

@ zee
thankkkksss...i was hoping someone would notice that...since everybody was talking only about the couple, i felt the eerie guy was getting kinda neglected...:D
its nice to have u drop by :)

@ abhishek khanna
oyeee overanalyse mat kar!remember my 55 word story?? :-/
stop trying to sketch a pattern now...seriously tumhe toh CID mein hona chahiye...:p

Solitaire said...

Its also a love story set amidst disaster, and the love story is quite short...You should watch it when you find the time.

radiohead said...

honey i was bored :P


Unknown said...

U r creative... i can't say more than that... The story is touching... keep writing more and more stories of this kind....


IncorrigibleV said...

that was just sucha sad story...beautifully written though, just reminds us how transient life is, and how one should never wait to say what one feels coz tomorrow might never come...
ronan keating's "if tomorrow never comes" is the perfect song for this post!

Pri said...

@ solitaire
thanks..will definitely try and catch up with it :)

@ anuj
hmmm so thats what u do when u r bored? DISSAPEAR?? :-/

@ saty_eee1
thanks for the kind words...nice of u to drop by :)

@ vandita
yes vands...but they are lucky...atleast they confessed their love for each other before it was too late ...