August 29, 2009


is FACEBOOK slowly but surely trying to replace BLOGGER??
have i become lazier??
or is it that writing something in one vague looking line makes me happier than giving a clearer picture through a long post?
or could it be the sinking feeling that probably my FB profile nowadays attracts more comments than my posts out here *goes into sulk mode*

please dont mind me..its just one of those "nobody loves me" days again. *snif.whimper*
please carry on with whatever u were blog is not good enough i know..u got better and more important things to do than listen to my stories :(

*waits some more*
*holds her breath and waits a lil longer*

in case u havent noticed you heartless insensitive idiot, that was EBM i was trying up there and YOU are not even reacting?? DAMN YOU!!

*counts 1 to 10 and breathes in deep to regain composure*

ok so i was saying...
im afraid if i get addicted to facebook and one-liner-status-msgs there, il'l grow old before the book is out as it would take me ages to gather the required motivation to complete it :(
*looks around all dejected waiting for the optimist in her to wake up*

hmmmmmmmmm....hang on just a minute!!(i think lazybones 'opti' is up already..yayy!) could it be a sign that i should probably publish a book of quotes instead---inspired by my very own cryptic facebook profile??
would you read it? wouldya? wouldya? *rubbing palms with glee*

P.S: just FYI its a blue saturday and you are allowed to lie to make me happy


Stupidosaur said...

// of those "nobody loves me" days...

Heyy! I love you! (Strictly platonic :P) Only, I am the kind who forgets Birthdays, Anniversaries and....err blogs of loved ones :P

What book are you planning to publish?!!!! :)

Suree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suree said...

pri, u start writing that book, i will find some publishers....

don worry , there are lot of odiots out there in this world to read useless crap :P

ps:just for fun, take it easy

Ru. said...

:) its just that unlike you a whole lot of ppl havent got any talent/inclination/motivation to blog...all of them r on facebook though and curious abt others more comments there.
keep writing :) coz someone will keep reading

Pri said...

@ stupidosaur
awwww ur also the kind who still comes back to read even after a long hibernation just when i feel im all thanks sooooo much :D

@ suree
and i presume considering that u read my blog, u are including yourself as one of them..

p.s: (in ur very own words) ME ALSO JUST FOR take it easy!

Suree said...

INtelligent reply Pri...

Pri said...

@ melee
thanks for the kind words..and welcome to my blog :)
i think many ppl who dont blog are talented too..
just that maybe they dont have enough time or patience to follow what they like.or perhaps they dont like it enough..
i agree everyone is curious..its a good thing we dont belong to the feline species dont u think? ;)

Pri said...

@ suree
dont try being nice just to cover up for the earlier comment.
FEAR NOT! im not angry :p

Suree said...


i surrender ......

:( ....

aneri_masi said...

You are too cute. I love reading all the stuff you have in italics :D

Zeba said...

I took a quick scroll through your blog and I think its awesome! So dont u b sad girl!! I am gona follow u up now and you go ahead n get that book published!

bangles said...

blogs will stay for a long time i guess. fb may lose its power soon when some other fellow creates another new social networking site!

but i would love to read ur book with those one-liners. don't worry abt no one buying it... i'll def be the first few to grab it!:)

Rambler said...

nah your writing deserves a better and bigger space..than a one line facebook status

WritingsForLife said...

Blogging and facebook are entirely different concept. I dont think facebook is a threat to blogging. Blogging is used not just as a personal diary but for lot of other things as well.

Arv said...

In a way I agree...

micro blogging seems to be killing blogger at times ( more so when we dotn have time to write :P)

take care mate...


sri said...

FB doesnot charm me much, ALl the best for ur book :)

Blog Boy said...

I guess blogger has advantage of being a top player in web log space. for facebook it might be difficult to attract users who already have blog running and has a high following friends.

Blog Boy said...

I guess blogger has advantage of being a top player in web log space. for facebook it might be difficult to attract users who already have blog running and has a high following friends.

Anonymous said...

cryptic quotes by priyanka! :D

shd make an interesting read! :)

Pri said...

@ suree
damn!! now who will find the publishers for me? :(

@ aneri_masi
:D *blush*

@ zeba
thankyou flattered :)

@ bangles
you are right..blogs are here to stay!
ohh and thanks for the liners or not, when the book is out, ul'l definitely be amongst the first few to know :)

@ rambler
danke! i just have to snap myself outta the lazzzzzyy trance i get in at times

@ raaji
i agree blogs are a lot more powerful than social networking sites---no doubt about tht.
just that sometimes FB seems more convenient esp when its one of those i-gotta-write-i-cant-breath-otherwise moments :)

Pri said...

@ arv
yeps exactly!
but i guess it shouldn't.ive always made sure i find time for what is important to me :(
i guess im just ultra-lazy somedays..sigh!

@ srivats
thankyou :)
as for me, i guess il'l outgrow FB too
im bored already!

@ blogboy
i understand what your saying.
but at times its more about just getting something expressed.
u know kinda the same logic behind a sms---when u know u dont have enough to speak or are too lazy for a call and yet feel the urge to communicate.
(FB kinda differs from blogger on the same logic i guess, FB being the 'text msg' here and blogger being the 'call')

@ leo
heehee.your comment could prove to be some deadly motivation u know ;)

aditi said...

I agree but I am more addicted to games on facebook...esp those growing kind of games:(

Anonymous said...


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