August 20, 2009

is a blog-update-notification that urgent really???

I can understand that some people are really super enthusiastic about blogging and comments..but just what exactly do u mean by texting me at around 3 o'clock in the morning just to inform about a new blogpost update!!

and to think this isn't the first time..its no longer funny how this person somehow manages to msg me only in the wee hours of the morning just to inform about his updated blog.
i reckon its because he posts only after midnight due to lack of time during the day but do i really have to be the first person to know about it???? and if so, please for heaven's sake tell me WHYYYYY??
well actually speaking, as discussed with a few other bloggers on a former similar ocassion, it was brought to notice that he belongs to that dangerous species of bloggers who shoot out notifications to almost everyone they know according to their convenience..and if thats so, im sure im not the only one getting mad in a 'i-wish-i-could-cut-him-into-tiny-pieces' kinda fashion at him at 3am in the morning *rolling eyes*

frankly, i have nothing against this species..but only as long as they restrict their tactics to general orkut and facebook and gtalk advertisement.
but calling up or texting to inform is just soo not done..its freaky actually! :-/

i mean you dont think his blog is going to turn into a pumkin if he waited till morning, do u? [im quite enjoying this thought actually..i know, i am wicked like that.heehee!]

sidenote: this post is written in a really irritated frame of mind since i was rudely jolted out of my slumber by 3 consecutive msg beeps saying "hi u awake?" followed by "BLOG UPDATED" followed by "please rush" (yea right! u wish)
to top it, i just could'nt get back to sleep and had to spend the rest of the night staring at the ceiling, uncomfortably tossing and turning ocassionally (when the ceiling fan got too boring and scary to stare at) only to be greeted by a splitting stubborn headache in the morning..

its no wonder that i havent visited the forementioned blog and if i get any more of those 3am-post-update-notifications, i swear im NEVER going there again!!


Sapna said...

Oh ho! Poor baby :-(

Anonymous said...

he he he
hope d person gets ur msg!!!

sri said...

oops! i dont know people did so much advertisement for the new posts haha, may be he is new blogger and very enthusiastic , plus dont u think its better to keep ur phone in vibrator mode during sleep ?

Pri said...

@ sapna
me or him?? :p

@ anonymous
i hope so too..sigh!

@ srivats
naah naah he has been a blogger since quite some time now..i guess his addiction for comments has just worsened with time :p

yaa i agree..the silent cell mode is the easy solution to the prob..but im in a fix there because i never usually have my cell on silent because i wouldn't want to miss important calls or text msgs of the ppl who matter--one's who i could sacrifice a hundred nights sleep for and who im sure would never disturb me for things as silly as blog post updates anyways :)

Sapna said...

obviously u:-)

Lucifer said...

u shud've messaged him after this sayin "blog updated...plz rush"

Anil Sawan said...

i was wondering about how frustrated u might have been to write this post and then i read Mayz' comment and i was laughinh for a good 10 minutes :) u shud have done that. seriously :P

aneri_masi said...

Haha :) What does he blog about?
You should just leave a comment saying you woke me up for THIS? Pls don't do it again!

sri said...

I agree pri :) its fun to read other comments like Mayz and aneri masi LOL , u should probably do that , Have a great peaceful weekend sleep :)

Suree said...

I dont think he will do it anymore to you , even after he seeing this blogpost.... :P

Pri said...

@ sapna
was just kidding :p

@ mayz
hahaha :D

@ sawan
yea..i should have.though he is someone who claims to never comment but read all my i know im being a lil mean here but i seriously hope he reads this one too ;)
some points just HAVE TO BE driven home!

Pri said...

@ anerimasi
hahaha..would have been fun!

i kinda was giving him the silent treatment hoping he'd realise i dont like being disturbed like that.
writing a post about it was the last measure since some people just dont get it..phew! :-/

@ srivats
yeaa..u guys come up with such hilarious ideas that they can get anyone out of the doldrums :D
u have a great weekend too

@ suree
i really hope so

Stupidosaur said...

Mays and Aneri Masi's solution will not work. The Great Blogger would probably be awake even then. And if you send the message without really posting, he will probably SMS back again asking "Where????!! Can't see.", waking you again,in the rare case that you fell asleep again! Maybe he'll even call you to discuss it out :P

Pri said...

@ stupidosaur
yea i agree..just hope he reads this post and gets the not-so-subtle message ;)
afterall a blog post is not a crisis is it??

Anonymous said...

well.. it's like I thought!

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