June 27, 2010

the 'if i were...' tag!!

I got tagged with this one by a fellow blogger who also happens to have become a great friend..and since his blog is at present selectively available only to a limited audience, i am threatened not to disclose his bloglink in public (i can only hope he snaps out of the horrible delusions of persecution he is suffering from..sigh!!
please pray for his wellbeing and the wellbeing of his stalkers as well ;P )

neverthless, for the love of friendship and for the love of tags, im taking this one up right away..

so here goes, presenting before you all, "THE IF I WERE TAG" *drumrolls in the background*

If I were a color, I'd choose to be RED (the colour of passion...love..life!)

If I were a liquid, I'd choose to be THE ELIXIR OF LIFE

If I were a time, I'd choose to be TIME SPENT WITH THE PEOPLE I CHERISH

If I were a cellphone, I'd choose to be SWITCHED OFF (lol! go figure)

If I were a voice, I'd choose to be THE INNER VOICE--THE CONSCIENCE

If I were a bird, I'd choose to be A SEA GULL (flying across vast expanses of sea with the moon on my wings)

If I were a emotion, I'd choose to be NON EPHEMERAL HAPPINESS

If I were a music, I'd choose to be THE NOTES WHICH TOUCH THE SOUL

If I were a smile, I'd choose be ONE WHICH REACHES THE EYES

If I were water, I'd choose to be RAINDROPS FALLING ON THE WINDOWPANE

If I were an investor, I'd choose to be USING MY BRAINS TO INVEST RATHER THAN MY LUCK

If I were a stock, I'd choose to be THE ONE WHICH IS MOST UNPREDICTABLE..lol!

If I were a flower, I'd choose to be A ROSE (preferably red)

If i were a time of day, i'd choose to be DAWN

If I were an artist, I'd choose to be REDEFINING ART (through my passion for it)

If I were a subject, I'd choose to be HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY

If I were life, I'd choose to be MAKING SURE NOTHING EVER WENT WRONG

If i were to go missing from this world, i'd choose to be PAIN

If I were luck, I'd choose to be FAIR TO ALL

if i were a memory, i'd choose to be ONE WHICH NEVER LEAVES THE HEART

and now i pass on the honour to-
--scribbling girl
--santasizing fantasizing
--and last but not the least, anyone who wants to take this up..

cheers! :)


Dreamcatcher said...

hey thanx for the tag...
wil surely take it up sumtym :)
nyc write!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

wow...thanks for tagging me pri...that leaves me to do 2 tags!!
gosh..high time my procrastination takes a beating..
love ur thought on being the water:)

WritingsForLife said...

aww... thank you dear. I Shall take it on soon :-).

I love red too :-)

Lucifer said...

i like ur answer to the cell phone one

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

only If I had more time to write n read..i so miss blogging.. :( but i would makeup for sure :)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Oh btw..as usual urs was a nice read..refreshed me :)

Pri said...

@ jitsy
u are most welcome..waiting to read ya :)

@ satasizing fatasizing
i love the rains..infact u'd easily find me just sitting around idly gazing outside all lost, when its raining :D

looking fwd to read you...take this as a good oppurtunity to handle that procrastination!

Pri said...

@ raaji
looking fwd to read your answers :)

@ mayz
u do??
well, i definitely got to hear your interpretation then :)

@ the mad orchid
well time has never been a problem for me when it comes to writing...i always manage to find time for it! (i guess tht explains why im posting this at 1.00 am in the night..lol!)

do let me know when u start blogging again :)

Lady Whispers said...

wow nice tag and nicely done :)
Thanks for tagging me....i haven't done tags here but then since you tagged me i did it on my blog...come visit :)
Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful answers coming from an equally wonderful person :-)

Priya said...

Hey pri I m tking up this tag,seems to be interesting :)