June 24, 2010


i knock at your door once again, only to realise you have turned me into a stranger---i, who am now just supposed to stand at your door step...talk a while and leave before i freeze to death from the stabbing cold..

the chilly breeze outside has turned uncomfortably numbing but nothing can beat the winter in your voice..

as i turn away from your doorstep, the cold air of indifference stays with me, directing me slowly and steadily towards a different frame..
...a canvas full of pastel shades where i can feel the warmth of the sun shine over my shoulder...

with no excuse to give and no reason to rely on, i am feeling pushed--pushed away from one picture and pushed into another, ironically at the same time..by the same person..
with everything between us unsaid and undone, i know that soon enough the day will come when i too will choose to make peace with this change..

and for all it has cost us and for all it is worth, i can only hope that you and me are happy--atleast in the end!!