June 08, 2010


i have just received the greatest news in the whole wide world!!
one of my closest friends delivered a beautiful baby girl and GUESS WHAAAAT!!???
SHE IS NAMING HER 'PRIYANKAAA' *drum rolls in the background*

reason--both she and her husband decided to do so because they wish their daughter to grow up and become just like me (err..atleast that is what they said..ahem!)
this was followed by a long list of compliments and praises which left me speechless..and im still on cloud 9!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

wishing the little princess lots of happiness, love and success in life..and loads of blessings too

P.S: life sure is unpredictable!! sometimes it gives you the worst of days in a single row and when you are all frustrated and fed up, it suddenly springs a small surprise along your way that makes your heart glow with joy and forget all the crap you have been going through.

thankyou naina and rohit..you made my day..i love you guys!!

P.S: will try and post a pic of the little angel soon..
ohh and yea i take back my words--the angry ones i muttered in my last post..i am not changing into anyone else.thankyou very much!
afterall ive got expectations to live up to now--with such a sweet angel being named after me et al! ;)


Lucifer said...

thats sweet :)

Deepak said...

hmmm.... life is a voyage.... sorrows and happiness are just milestones.... they both get passed away.... keep smiling..

Dreamcatcher said...

soooooo sweet yaaa...............
dats d best thing 2 happen ever....
keep up to d high expectations......:)

paramveer said...

hey i have promised my best frn to adopt her name for my child! :)

congrats...u seems to be so sweet! :) :)

Anonymous said...

And might I add that you are adorable? Cause you are :)

Lady Whispers said...

wow great feeling isn't it ?
I agree to wat u said...have been having crappy day for past some days and then a old friend calling and talking out made me have a amazing day..... so sorrows and happiness are always followers :P

u keep smiling always :)

Divesh said...

Its hard for me to come by such a lively post and not drop a line ... congratulations, and wish you live up to the expectations :)

Priya Joyce said...


is it in the news aaj? :P

Ordinary Gal said...

Oooo Congrats dear :))

I would love to know abt those compliments which u get frm ur friends :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Comgrats, hope she too writes a good blog like you

MangoMan said...

my nephew is christened bunty as well!!

i names him though! :(


Pri said...

@ mayz
yea..its really sweet of them to do that :)

@ deepak
i agree..some milestones take us ages to move past them though.
and isn't it only human to want to stop and rest at the happy milestones? :)

@ jitsy
thats the plan..i hope i can live u to the expectation and i hope she lives up to the name ;)

Pri said...

@ paramveer
that is so sweet of you..and your best friend is lucky too..
that reminds me--i think i got to ask my best friends to make some promises too :P

@ choco
thanks dear..i guess adorable recognises adorable..
and need i mention crazy recognises crazy too! :D

Pri said...

@ scribbling girl
thanks..i think you know exactly what i am saying..infact i think noone would know the feeling any better :)

@ divesh
thanks for sharing my happiness.
seeya around

@ priya
no..but im sure it will be soon..just let her grow up a little and she will live up to my name! :p

Pri said...

@ an ordinary girl
man!! that is one thing i can never tire from hearing :D
but i can proudly say--out of all the compliments ive received till date, naming their first born after me has got to be the bestest one!!

@ pesto sauce
lol!! well, her parents and i will make sure that she will live up to my name in more ways than just that :D

@ mangomanbunty
yayyy! then i score more than you as far as that goes :p

RamNarayanS said...

:) A bright, cheery post amongst your cryptos and angst posts. :)

Somehow I feel I had responded to this mail earlier, but nevertheless.

aditi said...

Dats great:)
Bask in joy:)