June 19, 2010

love bite!!

it was just another boring day before we met..i was bored to death with the details of mundane life..
as i carelessly played with the food in my plate, i was hoping for some freshness in that crowded room which was beginning to make me feel claustrophobic..
people were yapping endlessly-the ones at my table too..and i was thinking of ways to act like i was listening...hoping they wouldn't see through my boredom..

and then suddenly you came along like a breath of fresh air...
i dont usually fall for looks..but there was something about you that was killing..
you were not conventionally great looking and i noticed that, but there was a sudden urge which made me stop and oggle take notice..

the next thing i remember was the waiter clearing my plate, while i gazed fondly at you, as you made your way to our table.
i was getting a bit conscious, i admit..trying hard to look down so that people around wouldnt notice the lust in my eyes.
but it was too late..i have never been great at hiding my feelings anyway!

the rest of the experience is best described as a blur of passion--a haze i would relive a hundred times over till it happens again..

ive often heard people speak about the spark in relationships..
i knew it was too soon to speak of relationships and stuff but there was chemistry..STRONG CHEMISTRY that any kid would be able to recognise, leave alone the rest of the people in that room!!

the pure unadulterated passion made my eyes twinkle...as i selfishly craved for all your attention, i admit i did get a little ultra-possessive too--a trait that i tend to exhibit in extra vulnerable moments wherein i care too much and then eventually feel all guilty on realising how freaky i had acted..
but strangely this time, it did not bother me---i knew you were mine...i knew you were made especially for me..or rather ONLY for me!

you made me forget all my worries..my troubles just melted away..i could hear my friends cribbing about me not finishing lunch..their voices sounded so distant--even though they were all sitting at the same table.
i could sense they were angry at me for wasting the food and not eating on time--but what's a little skipped meal when you have just found your soulmate innit??

as the clock ticked away, i found jealous eyes following me from all sides of the table...i could sense the situation get awkward.i knew my friends were feeling neglected..
they tried to interfere and take you away from me..but all in vain! i shamelessly ignored them..gave them the cold treatment..i did not want to share you with anyone..
and they would understand..afterall what are friends for??!!

and while they finally gave up and continued with their lunch, passing glances at us from time to time, i enjoyed my quality time with you, making silent promises of seeing you again as soon as possible..





IncorrigibleV said...

:) reminds me of the time I had mississipi mud pie @ the big chill here in delhi :)

Pri said...

@ vands
this was at 'flamboyante' in bombay!
the pic dint come out that great though..
not photogenic i guess! :(

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

It looks seksi..aisa pyar muhe baar baar hota hai...par chocolate french rumble se baar baar hota :D

rahul said...

hahaha so this is the "YOU" in all ur posts???? ;D

rahul said...

but the way u wrote it made me read the whole blog in one breath :p

i bow b4 thee!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.. I guessed midway about it being a dessert! But man, you've written it so well..!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

fantastic...I couldn't guess until the end... it was beautiful...


Blasphemous Aesthete

Lucifer said...

now this was smthn which I didnt mind readin more than 2 lines. well done naik...u r goin d love way...so wat if u took a detour to visit Hitchcock instead

Pri said...

@ the mad orchid
for me, mississippi mud pie has always been a fav..but the thing is, they dont make it exactly the way i like it, everywhere..
but this was very very close! :)

@ rahul
///hahaha so this is the "YOU" in all ur posts???? ;D///

lol!! u think it is?? ;p

@ the enduring spirit
lol..thankyou..i was actually hoping nobody would scroll to the pic before reading the whole thing :D

@ anonymous someone
haha..thankoo thankoo!

@ mayz
oyee, mediratta..this is my blog, remember? :-/
it is never just two lines...and you are supposed to be reading thw whole thing, whether u like it or not *points a gun towards mayank*

Anonymous said...

i hv told u b4..and 1ce agn i will say tht u remind me so much of geets character in "Jab We Met" :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
ya i remember..but i still dont see the need to comment as anonymous--unless ofcourse u are planning on commenting something nasty someday..lol!

Lady Whispers said...

wow ur description :)
I love chocos they leave me with such longing always :)
U wrote it beautifully truly.

Pri said...

@ scribbling girl
thanks girl..it was an humble attempt to sum up the experience of unbashedly indulging in chocolate! :D

Ordinary Gal said...

lol it was too good :D

rahul said...

@ pri
u really wnt me 2 write wht i think? ;)

Anonymous said...

@ pri
ha ha
i can nvr say somthin nasty about u...ur too sweet 4 tht :)

Pri said...

@ an ordinary girl
well, the inspiration behind the post was too! ;p

@ aditi
tum itna kyon muskura rahe ho, kya comment hain jisko chupa rahe ho ;)

@ rahul
lol!! well a 'yes' or a 'no' never hurts anyone does it??

@ anonymous
never say never!! :)

MangoMan said...

I'm reading a blog after ages!!! What a "treat" to start the backlog with!!

The customary glance through the post to gauge the length gave it away pretty soon as I saw the pic before reading. Still, it was exhilerating. Was smiling throughout!! (: