June 08, 2010


nobody wants to hear the truth...atleast not until they hit rock bottom.

but sometimes a truth wrapped in a layer of hope, told just to lessen the hurt causes much more damage..

and despite the genuine intention behind it all, the blame game is on---im accused of giving false hope, conveniently forgetting that somewhere between a tear stained 'please say everything will be fine' and a ruthlessly rude 'how the f**k could you say everything will be fine?' a thin line of hope was the only thing they were banking on.

oh yea, how could i forget---
doctors arn't supposed to have hearts..
we are supposed to be strong heartless people who are drilled enough by life to take all type of shit--even when it isn't our fault..
we are never supposed to mix up our professional life with our personal life and vice versa..

and i thought society was mature enough to consider us humans?? my mistake...

but this did sort of help in making a conscious decision--
perhaps its time i stopped being nice to people...because its always me who is scarred in the end.
maybe i should stop being what i am and start being someone who nobody would bother to hold any expectations for..

call me selfish--perhaps that is what i am...because frankly, this is all i can take!