June 14, 2010

a shadow in silence...

he: i'd always be your shadow..so that you dont forget that there is light just around the corner..

she: a shadow is too subtle a hint of hope sometimes..i need some very bright flashlights to suggest that its not all dark out there..lol!

but then i would have to hold the torch for you..and you have forbidden me from doing that.

she: !!!!

he: haha..what happened??

she: nothing!

he: i was kidding dodo..you dont need to worry..being a shadow is anytime better..that way i can stalk you all the time and make sure everything is going right.

she: like you have been doing for nine years now?

he: sorry! no comments--a shadow cannot promise answers to your questions.

and somehow he always leaves her speechless because she knows that when a best friend becomes a shadow, even silence manages to speak volumes...


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

yeah. very true :)

Lady Whispers said...

So true...in best friendships even silence speaks volumes :)

Phoenix said...

i also need that shadow

Pri said...

@ dr chandana

@ scribbling girl
yeps..that happens when you understand each other so well that even the silence makes sense..

@ phoenix
i have to admit such shadows are rare :)

aditi said...

Seems kinda sad somehow.
One can never reach a shadow...

rahul said...

i think i know one such he and she :)

Ordinary Gal said...

hmm true and nice :)

she is lucky gal to have such a nice friend :)