March 07, 2011


Sometimes i wonder what it must be like, coming here, reading my posts and going away silently--without a word?
sometimes i wonder if you mind doesn't compel you to break free from these shackles of confinements and post in your reaction?

Sometimes i wonder what it is that really holds you back?
Is it the length of the posts, that keeps you away from reaching the end and so not commenting? or are they too boring? *goes into 'drama queen' mode*
Is it the lack of time, that you have just about enough to visit and read this space ardently everytime a thought is posted, but not enough to comment?
is it the small ugly feeling in that dark corner of your heart which says "what the hell!! why should i make her feel important by showing that i read her?"?
or worse still, is it the "i dont have anything to say" syndrome which some rather unfortunate people suffer from?

so now you know what ive been thinking of you----you, yes you, on my online tracker, who reads and silently leaves without a word?
Just for your information, i still think what you would want to say, still wonder why you dont say it, still get happy thinking that you visit and read (even if you dont) and still write for myself and you...err..more for myself & less for you, but what-e-ver, feel important!! :-/
so it only makes sense that you go right ahead and say what you want to, without the fear of being judged.

my posts are open to criticism too, so feel free..just dont be mean, cos you know that two can play that game. *winks*
if you think differently, go right ahead & express might help me grow up in the process and i would be thankful.
if you think alike, you can ofcourse talk might help me feel less alone in the crowd and i would be grateful.
Whatever you might think, i would love to know your reaction.

Having said all this, i would like to add that this blog is not a piece of creative fiction nor is it a personal diary, as you might have already noticed.
i am not here to collect compliments or applause at what i this post should not be taken as a desperate attempt to increase comment counts or sympathy votes.neither am i here, to cry or spill out emotional rants and ask for a shoulder of support.In fact, ive started this space just to save you all that torture :-|

im here just to share my thoughts, know yours and learn something from my journey.

so here's to all my 'silent' readers, who i wish would speak up,



Anonymous said...

Love your creative writng and greatly admire it. This one is beautifully written....thanks for sharing!
By the way the little doggy looks cute :)

simply me said...

@ anonymous
thankyou for being the first to break the ice was almost freezing!! ;)
as for the cute little doggie, he was hating the 'silence' as much as i was..heehee

lisa said...

Stephen oh Stephen
This ,your therapist will get a chuckle out of all I copied ,ha ha

You Keep on pushing that mind of yours
one day sweetie ,you will be rich and famous ,you will be remembered !!

just think sweetie ,you be able to afford ,your new love ,without mommy ,supporting you both ,
Or just maybe ,your mommy could high your new love as her new maid ,and she will fit right in with all that are care takers of her yard

you little devil you ,this fame in creation is so rewarding and touching ,How you spend wasting Time to create such Rewarding Fame for me ,Wow!! you are amazing man ,now writing a novel ,how do you find the time

have a nice life aaron,anwii,awniii40,Rob,calkid,oh silly me ,I forget ,you have many user names and male or female ,just so convincing ,you make all look like pretty little Idiots

isn't life perfect ,I think so

today is great ,you look so stupid aaron ,as you just don't hold the facts about nothing smiling
Get a Divorce sheeshh

simply me said...

@ lisa
i am totally clueless as to what you are talking about.
you seem to have greatly mistaken me fort someone else!!

Rambler said...

rambler shall be pronounced guilty :)

simply me said...

@ rambler
hmmmmmmmmmmm..we like the shall be considered!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Harsh Words will Hurt your feelings ….but didn’t knew Silence will break your heart……Great pundits always penned it down that Silence has the Loudest Voice…. So now I know why they were great…..

Silence is an attitude; it may be mistaken to be dumb
Silence is an answer; it may be taken as a question
Silence is the Melodious Flute; it may be viewed as mute
Silence is Golden ; if speech is Silver

Silence is an Eternal & only truth ; Noise is Relative & hence false

Silence is for all ~~~> as we need reasons for Speech silence needs none

U become a Liar only when u have spoken; with silence u might not speak the truth but would also not speak a lie

Let Silence be a Great Art of Communication ;

You have a Noise So protect it with a fence of Silence….
Silence is one of the Strongest Emotion …Stronger than Love / Hate… Enjoy its Existence

A Germ

simply me said...

@ mr kitanu
i wish i was that optimistic..but unfortunately all i can hear in the silence are a reflection of my thoughts as mentioned in the post..
in my opinion, silence can never help anyone grow in this journey---only an exchange of opinions and ideas can.

so whatecer you might say, i would still want to know your views and i would still prefer conersation as opposed to a reaction'less' silence :)