March 07, 2011


I was talking to one of my professors, the other day.
He was explaining a concept to me, when all of a sudden, he chose to digress.

Me, was all ready to point out and tell him to stick to the topic..but the small voice in my head reminded me that i have a pg exam to give and a viva to answer.So it was best that i lend him a patient ear and let him digress wherever he wanted to.

Minutes later, i was glad that i had spoken to him.
Dr mohan had left me with pearls of wisdom that i couldn't possibly have found anywhere else except from a man with his caliber of experience and wisdom.

While speaking to me about the hurdles in his life and how he had faced them, he said something which managed to create an impression which is to stay in my heart forever.
"dr, there are four kinds of people in life.
one who see a closed door and go away.
a second type who see a closed door and try to open it by turning the knob, which if still doesn't open makes them go away.
the third type consists of those people who see a closed door, try to open it by turning the knob, if it still does not open, they search for the key.and if they cant find the key, they go away.
and then there is a fourth type, the type whom i respect and follow----these people see a closed door, try to open it by turning the knob..if it still does not open, they search for the key.
and if they cant find the key, they dont go away, THEY MAKE ONE!!"

His words made me wonder how many times i have seen a closed door and gone away, thinking that it would never open.
how many times have i given up too soon?
or rather how many times, have i stood in front of a closed door, waiting for it to magically open on its own, without me trying at all?

is 'giving up' a matter of convenience?
is fate/destiny/luck just a stupid excuse we keep making to ourselves just so that we dont really have to put in the effort?

Here was a 68 year old man standing infront of me, who had struggled his entire young life, trying to beat the odds.and the truth of the matter was that, he still hadn't given up.
"i lost some, i won some" he said to me, without a single tinge of regret on his face, without a single crease of worry on his forehead.

and within 45 minutes of my life, dr mohan had changed from a mere medical professor to a unbeatable hero, who in my opinion, even though might have had lost a few battles, is definitely winning the war.

There are stories all around me just waiting to be heard..
there are lessons all around me just waiting to be learned!!


niki said...

lovely!! truly inspiring :)

simply me said...

@ niki
yes..he truly is a source of inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

@ Dear Simply You :

For once i agree with you Fate/Luck/Destiny are Stupid Excuses.....& for the weak

A germ

I Wish there is Dr.Mohan for Everyone who believed in Fate/Luck & Stupid Destiny ....

The Difference between a Rational Voice & irrational Voice is that .... Rational Voice is one who Always came Across Some Dr.Mohan in their Life.

Hello Hero