March 05, 2011


o' lovely maiden with skin so fair,
we two make such a handsome pair...
i have gazed long enough & admired thee,
and thy pristine beauty has enchanted me...

you oh you, are all i have dreamt of----

the curve of your lips
the sway of your hips
the twinkle in your eyes
the charm in your sighs
that straight pretty nose
great poise with which you pose
your smile like moonshine bright,
can sparkle up the darkest night
the frills of your dress
your delicate soft caress
your touch as smooth as silk
your skin so white as milk
your tresses so straight and long
your voice, a nightingale's song

you oh you, are all i have dreamt of!!

o' lovely maiden with skin so fair,
i softly tread into your lair...
i hear you whisper to a kin,
and tell her what a fool ive been...

my eyes gaze shocked at your pretty sight,
as i hear you ridicule my lovelorn plight...
you scorn and laugh and mock with glee,
and all at once, my heart loathes thee...

o' lovely maiden, with skin so fair,
your looks are all that you have there...
with tainted tears and shallow pride,
you confess to me that you have lied...

o' lovely maiden, with skin so fair,
save those tears for i dont care...
you fall to your feet and apologise,
but the love has vanished from my eyes...

in them now you will only see,
the pure hatred i have for thee,
you ask me what is it you lack,
darling, its your soul that's black!

(inspired by a conversation i had with R, on the topic of love, beauty and betrayal)

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Anonymous said...

Oh This isnt My Cup of T

love beauty & betrayal

Still Commented ..thinking would cherish the joy of being first to hit this comment thread

A Germ