March 12, 2011


A shocking 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit off the east coast of Japan yesterday. The quake is known to be one of the largest in recorded history.
It triggered a 23-foot tsunami that smashed Japan's coast and killed thousands of innocent people, sweeping away cars, buildings, boats and houses.

The world stands shocked and helpless..

Is this, nature's sign to warn us that 'Nostradamus' might just be proved right, yet again?

Is this, the beginning of the end??


Nidz said...

post a comment color is so dark. cant see also. I pray for the departed soul.

simply me said...

@ nidz
there were thousands of was a very unfortunate situation (as are all natural disasters).may their souls rest in peace!!

simply me said...

@ nidz
will definitely try and do something about the colour scheme..

all help is welcome!!