March 06, 2011


Whoever thinks, a picture speaks a thousand words, must definitely come and have a look at the ones i shoot.

I have always envied people with good photography skills.
I though, blame it entirely on my genes.
yea, you read right, its my 'genes'..noone and i mean NOONE, in my whole extended family is blessed with 'photography' skills.

My dad and mom always manage to click pictures in that means we are left with loads of throwaway pics showing just the top of the Eiffel Tower, the dome of the Taj Mahal, animals with an ear cropped, humans with one hand or leg missing and so on.
My sis though is a little better.She manages to get 'entire' people and architectural monuments in the frame..its a different thing that the picture turns out so unclear that you can hardly differenciate the former from the latter.
I have a cousin who uses a nikon SLR but whose shots are mistaken for two megapixel phone-cam quality, another who has a penchant for taking pics in the worst angle possible, making every single flaw (in the model as well as the surrounding location) 'distinctly' evident, a third who gets more conscious while taking pics than when her pics are taken (end result---a picture that appears as shaky as her hands that click it)........and then again, the list doesn't just end there.

so you see where i come from..a family which just isn't cut out for photography even if the world depended on it.sigh!

but i, my dear friends, am no quitter, no!! *gets all emotional*
I will try till i die...err..ahem..or something to that effect.

Everytime i see someone showing off some awesomely clicked pics on facebook or some social bragging networking site, i am filled with a deep sense of inadequacy of a talent i so admire and yearn for........along with *brace yourself* a new found enthusiasm to try all over again.

so off i go, clicking the setting sun, the flight of a stupid crow, the tail of a moving cat, the flame of an illuminated lamp, the wick of a burning candle, the fluidity in a goblet of wine
eventually, the expression of a dejected wannabe photographer who swears she will never give up.

yea, i must have been a spider in my last life, the one that king bruce saw!! :-/

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