March 16, 2011

fireflies in my garden

Fireflies in my garden,
lighting up the night...
fluttering in the darkness,
such a pretty sight!!

i look from my bedroom window,
i hear the calm so still...
its ages since ive heard from you,
and i doubt i ever will!!

Fireflies in my garden,
lighting up the night...
peeping at me now & then,
laughing silly at my plight!!

So back in time, i travel,
to that night so long ago,
when the moon shone bright upon your face,
and we wished for ever and more!!

Fireflies in my garden,
lighting up the night...
reminding me how things went wrong,
when everything seemed right!!

and i think of all the differences,
the ones that slowly crept...
the promises we parted with,
the hurt in our heart we kept!!

Fireflies in my garden,
lighting up the night...
friendship, love and lots lots more,
the falling out, the fight!!

and today i stand here thinking,
of the future that could never be...
the goodbye we never got to say,
the silence between you and me!!

Fireflies in my garden,
lighting up the night...
your thoughts haunt me through this abyss,
the eerie calmness in this quiet!!

and sometimes i reminisce over that shooting star,
the one that had passed us by...
the one on which we wished our forever,
it was probably just another firefly!!

This piece is inspired by a conversation i had with a friend, who i hope, gets his 'forever' story very soon!! :)


triloki nagpal said...

Beautiful poetry Pri...
Keep the juices flowing.

Anonymous said...

Quite synonmyous to what one of my close friend is going through, which partly I have been through too ! Loved your poem, as always they are simple yet the magical weave makes me smile, everytime :) Haan ye baat alag hai , i am commenting after a long time :P , but loved all your posts , as never miss your writing , coz i love to read you :)

New look hmmmmm .. I still love you old look, its making me nostalgic :)

Jinny said...


Pri said...

@ tn
thankyou :)

@ adreamygirl
thanks so flattered!!
would love to read your comments on my posts--your opinion matters a lot :)

@ jinny
danke!! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

A firefly, and so many nostalgic moments swirled up in its light? Beautiful.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sarah malik said...

I can relate to it at many levels...sometimes we just sit around and stare at things so common and that dispenses out nostalgia. i loved the ending verses a lot..well penned :)


Anonymous said...

"....the goodbye we never got to say,
the silence between you and me!!..."

Overall, heartfelt and amazing verses and I'm sure would've touched many hearts.....thanks for sharing!

Pri said...

@ Blasphemous Aesthete
i loved the style of your comment..very creative :)

true, the heart searches for ways to bask in nostalgia, even in the simplest of things!!

Pri said...

@ sarah
thanks said it right---the listless mind wanders in search of excuses to reminisce over the past :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous
thankyou..we all share some deep seated feelings which can find their way out only through words--and i guess that is why we conform :)