March 23, 2011

Her story

Disclaimer---the story below is purely just another work of fiction.

She would still wake up drenched in cold sweat every night.she had tried repressing the memory but it would just not cease to haunt her.
somewhere in one corner of her mind, he had etched a permanent place--a place which she refused to let anyone take..
It was like as if he had carved his if he had reached an unattainable target, a pedestal and then one day, just disappeared, making everyone else seem so inadequate.
It was not that she was perfect..nor did she expect things way out of league.
Infact she did not even know what she expected from life most of the times.People who knew just this side of her thought of her as someone who always quit too early.
some thought she could not ever make up her mind about anything.

"Why did you have to be so perfect?" she would often ask crying, searching through the darkness of the pitch black night for an answer.
She had tried forgetting him.she had tried moving on.But every time someone tried to fit in the cast, the void just grew she realised that it was irreplaceable.
and then she'd feel guilty.
"what right do i have to compare? and is it fair to compare someone to you?"
She knew he had moved on..she could never reach him.

but she----she still struggled to find pieces of him in every special person trying to enter her life, until a point where she gave up because she realised that they could never make her feel as special as he did!

Why did he have to leave?
She remembered not wanting to wake up.She would lie in bed hoping that he would surprise her with a weekend visit.
She waited endlessly for his call.
Even now, she would rush to answer the landline hoping it would be him.

She had given up on letting the memories ever fading away...given up on making herself believe that he never existed....given up on blaming him for that one drastic event which had ripped her life apart.

Some blamed the drunk driver who did not see him coming.
Some claimed the brakes had failed.
Whatever might have had been the reason, it was her life which had been put on hold since that fateful day.

They said she was lucky not to have been with him during the accident.What they weren't able to see was how much she had wished she was.

life had lost its reason..and all she was waiting for now was that one meeting which was still pending---perhaps in another world..a world she looked forward to enter...
because she believed!!

...True love stories begin in one life and continue in the next...


Red Handed said...

Beautifully expressed.Got me teary eyed!

I know someone who is going through what you just portrayed so perfectly.

Btw my post do wait for your comment :)

The Witch said...

It does move you!Your writing does!Its difficult to really fathom the pain of loss....I cant believe I read this first thing in the morning :(

Pri said...

@ red handed
i just visited have a lovely blog :)
and im really sorry tht your friend had to go through such a situation..we cant even imagine how painful it must be for her.

@ the witch
and im sorry u had to read it early in the morning.
will try to keep away from depressing posts in the future :)

Vyankatesh said...

Very wonderfully written!! The narration was excellent